Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brass Box With J Initial

This box was made for my step-grandma
Made from brass its diameter is between the sizes of a nickel and a quarter
after completion it was stamped with her first names initial: "J" and polished.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bronze Cylinder Boxes Continued

These are two Bronze boxes of a set of six that i made for my family this last christmas (Two other boxes in the set were posted earlier) these matching boxes roughly the diameter of a quarter.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ruler Necklace

Made from a ruler
-people have said it might be
a little too cheezy but I sort of like it

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Custom Portable Batman Themed Table

This batman themed table was designed and made in conjunction with a volunteer at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. The collaborator and recipient of the table needed something that would allow him to draw on the go. Using a modified t-pipe that fastens to a protruding pipe on his chair and remains fastened to his chair at all times- From there a pipe screws into the modified t-pipe and becomes the support arm for the table top. The table top is PlastiDipped- to waterproof and protect table for easy cleaning. Batman plate, protects hole from wearing out and to add to the batman theme.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Scale Reference

A size reference was requested for the bowls so here the pictures are next to some quarters

PCB Bookmark

A partner to the JMC bookmark, this bookmark is also made from a ruler and has the initials of my dad stamped on them- an accidental etching accident led to the rough look and was a pleasant surprise

JMC Bookmark

This is a bookmark made from a ruler and stamped with the initials of my Step Mom

First Cylinder Box Ever Made

This was the first cylinder box i ever made
larger than the others it is about 4 inches tall
(etched and patinated copper)

Bronze Cylinder Boxes

These are two Bronze boxes of a set of six that i made for my family this last christmas
these matching boxes roughly the diameter of a quarter

Sweet Pea Pendant

A Classmate brought in a pea pod that had been made for her
so here i have made my own version from copper and patinated it green
(fold formed copper)

Nickel Sphere

Necklace made for my ex-girlfriend
Inspired from Rosemary's Baby evil pendant
(but naturally this necklace was made with good instead of evil intentions)

Monster Dome

Half sphere made in a similar way to the Rhino Necklace
looks like a monster to me
Currently Unfinished

Rhino Necklace

Every time i look at this necklace it looks like a rhino to me hence the name
its a nickel half sphere- etched drilled and hammered with a flat backing

Green Necklace

Green enameled copper disk

Leaf Inspired Earrings

Two brass earrings etched filed and polished.
First larger set is about an inch and a half long and were a little big so i made a second smaller set as an alternative

Monday, May 3, 2010

Red Cylinder Box Two

Red Cylinder Box Two
Photo a little blurry but it shows you the insides

Red Cylinder Box

Red Cylinder Box (diamiter slightly larger than quarter)
Etched copper and dye oxide patina red

Polished Copper Paint Tube Two

Copper Paint Tube Standing
Quarter reference size

Polished Copper Paint Tube

Polished Copper Paint Tube
(With Removable Cap)

Bowl Detail

Bottom of bowl detail.

Bowls Two

Raised copper bowl made from a 6x6 copper sheet and enameled red.


Raised copper bowl made from a 6x6 copper sheet and enameled blue.