Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Ultimate Collaboration

I recently rescued many items from my families old mini storage in California. While I was going through it all i came across a wax carving my late mother had made when I was in elementary school. This incomplete carving of myself had a wonderful array of textures and history to it- my mom had sculpted the head and a part of the shoulder, and (presumably without permission) I had secretly doodled a face onto it. This wax carving that had been sitting idle for the last 10-15 years till I found it. Realizing the odd collaboration (a concept I have been working with in my art) that had happened between my mother and I with out intending I immediately cast it in bronze and now have a small monument to our shared artistic goals and the link we have. I have since then made copies for the other members of my family and intend to give them out this coming Christmas.

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